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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Cesarean Delivery

Procedure Description:
Delivering your baby through an abdominal incision

What To Expect:
The reasons for a c-section may include
1) The baby is stressed
2) The baby is positioned wrong (feet first)
3) Too much bleeding during labor
4) Too many hours in labor and the baby won't fit through the pelvis

I will discuss the reasons for c-section with you and get your consent before we proceed.

You will stay in the hospital for 3-4 days compared to 1-2 days for normal vaginal birth.
You may be up and about on the second day.
Most people can care for their baby by the time they go home.
The pain medications you use are ok for breastfeeding.
I don't use staples to close the skin incision. The skin will be closed cosmetically using suture material that dissolves and coated with special bonding material that allows you to shower safely the next day.
My c-section rate for the year 2006 was 15%.


Procedure Description:
A small incision at the vaginal outlet

What To Expect:
Only when it is medically indicated such as needing to aid getting the baby's head out quickly and safely will this type of cut be made. I don't do routine episiotomy. And I will give numbing medicine and plenty of notice when I am about to perform an episiotomy.

Numb the perineum ( the space between the vagina and rectum)

Healing is fast. That area is provided with lots of blood vessels that makes healing fast.
Some pain and discomfort for a few days.
If pain increase and not getting less it may be infected. (proximity to the rectum and its bacteria). Call me when these symptom occurs with or without fever.

Little Saigon Radio AM1480 at 530 pm

Little Saigon Radio 1480 AM
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Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) Program

The State of California's Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) Program offers affordable maternity insurance for middle-income pregnant women and their babies. Call our office to see if you qualify for this valuable program.(714) 799-7522.